The Team

Mac Smith (Director, Producer, Founder)

Mac was born into a family of tuba players in Omaha, Nebraska.  His parents and older siblings exposed him to films that were a bit mature for his age, and a wide variety of musical styles.  Films that stand out from his early childhood are “Murder By Death”, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, and “The Blues Brothers”.  It was on that fateful day when his parents took him to see “Star Wars” in the theater in 1977 that changed it all.  After that viewing, Mac knew that he wanted to make movies when he grew up.  Mac experimented with video cameras, and picture editing throughout his childhood.  He went off to Los Angeles at age 17 to take the Summer Production Workshop at USC Film School, and then made his home in Iowa City at the University of Iowa.  Mac studied film at Iowa, but the lightbulb really went off when he got his hands on early digital audio editing software while he was the Music Director at the college radio station, KRUI.  This is where sound and picture came together in his mind.  The decision was made to start his career in sound editing for movies.  Within a year of moving to Northern California, he found his way into the movie industry.  Mac has worked on post production sound for feature films for over a decade (“Toy Story 3″, “Tron Legacy”, “Rango”, “Beowulf”, “Clerks 2″, “Hoodwinked”).  He enjoys living in the Bay Area with his wife Ashley and son Admiral.

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Tom Tollefsen (Director, Producer)

Tom marched with the Madison Scouts from 1995 through 1997.  A native of Omaha, Nebraska, he marched with a local drum corps prior to his years with the Scouts.  During his first year with the corps, he met fellow Nebraskan Mac Smith, with whom he instantly bonded over a shared passion for all things related to the film world.  Their insistent conversations about cinema and quoting from movies no-doubt annoyed anyone unfortunate enough to sit near them on the bus, but it is that enthusiasm that has led to the Madison Scouts documentary project.  While he does not work in the entertainment business, it seems inevitable that he would team up with Mac to make a documentary on their favorite subject, the Madison Scouts.  Tom currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he has practiced law for a number of years.