Gigantic Cranium

Like its name, Gigantic Cranium stands out in the crowded room.  It’s full of ideas and likes to tell a good story.

It started out specializing in sound, under the name Gigantic Cranium Productions in the late 90′s, but the company went into hibernation when Mac found himself regularly employed at a large post production facility in Northern California.  Gigantic Cranium was always in the back of his mind waiting for other opportunities.  When Tom Tollefsen and Laura Capitano came up with the idea of doing a documentary film about the Madison Scouts drum and bugle corps, Gigantic Cranium woke up from it’s long, restful nap.

Gigantic Cranium now focuses on sound and picture with it’s debut film, “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood”.  Expected release date, Early 2014.